Heft 131

Gisela Losseff- Tillmanns/Manfred Kops (Eds.):

Public Communication and the New Media,

Cologne, December 2000, ISBN 3-934156-20-7

II + 99 pp., price 5,50 €


Table of Contents:

1. Gisela Losseff-Tillmanns / Manfred Kops: Introduction
2. Peter Humphreys: The Institutional Frame for a Media Democracy
3. Hartmut Schweitzer: Media in Democracies: The Fourth Power? Some Casual Reflections Encouraged by the Occupation with Media-Reports on Corruption
4. David Indermaur: Voodoo Politics in the Era of the TV Game Show: Public Opinion, the Media and Political Decision Making
5. Brian Shoesmith: Material Communication and Human Consciousness
6. Gisela Losseff-Tillmanns: The Importance of the Concept of Broadcasting in the Dual Information Order in Germany
7. Rainer Welzel: Asian Media in the Change and the Global Media Market Mark Journalism Education: Considering Theory, Goal and Chances