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Zhenzhi Guo:

WTO, "Chanye Hua" of the Media and Chinese Television (English version),

Köln, im Juli 2004, ISBN 3-934156-82-7

23 S., Schutzgebühr 3,00 €

In this paper, Prof. Zhenzhi Guo, Research Professor at the Beijing Broadcasting Institute, describes the present stage and probable developments of the Chinese Broadcasting order. By discussing the term “Chanye Hua”, which best can be translated as "industrialization" or "incorporatization", the author shows the importance, the market gradually has gained for the Chinese society in general - and also for the provision of the media in particular -, although this basic decision was not discussed explicitely in Chinas academic and political sphere. The paper was finished during Prof. Guo´s stay at the Institute for Broadcasting Economics.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction: Theoretical Environment of Contemporary China

2. The formation of the Concept "Chanye Hua" of the Media

3. Some Chinese Terms in Media Economics
3.1. The Connotations "Chanye" and some Related Concepts
3.2. The Connotation of the "Chanye Hua" Discourse
3.3. The Shortcoming of the "Chanye Hua" Discourse

4. The "Chanye Hua" Concept and the Commercial Reality of Chinese Television
4.1. The "Chanye Hua" Push and the Commercial Media
4.2. The Industrial Response to International Competition

5. Conclusion