Heft 189c

Heft 189c

Zhenzhi Guo:

WTO, "Chanye Hua" of the Media and Chinese Television (Chinese version),

Köln, im August 2004, ISBN 3-934156-83-5

23 S., Schutzgebühr 3,00 €

In this paper, Prof. Zhenzhi Guo, Research Professor at the Beijing Broadcasting Institute, describes the present stage and probable developments of the Chinese Broadcasting order. By discussing the term "Chanye Hua", which best can be translated as "industrialization" or "incorporatization", the author shows the importance, the market gradually has gained for the Chinese society in general - and also for the provision of the media in particular -, although this basic decision was not discussed explicitely in Chinas academic and political sphere. The paper was finished during Prof. Guo´s stay at the Institute for Broadcasting Economics.

在本文中,中国传媒大学的高级访问学者郭镇之教授描述了中国广播电视体制的现状和可能的发展趋势。通过对所谓“产业化” (即英文的"industrialization"或"incorporatization)的讨论,作者阐述了在市场因素渗透到社会的方方面面的背景下,它对于媒介服务的重要性。虽然该问题仍然不能在中国学术界和政治领域公开讨论。该文完成于郭教授访问本传媒经济研究所期间。

Table of Contents:

1. 导论:当代中国的理论环境

2. “媒介产业化” 概念的提出和成立

3. 中国媒介经济学的一些概念
3.1. “产业”的含义和一些相关用语
3.2. “产业化”论述的积极意义
3.3. “产业化”论述的局限性

4. “产业化”概念和中国媒介的商业化现实
4.1. “产业化”的推动与商业化的媒介
4.2. 国际竞争的产业对策