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Manfred Kops:

German TV Programmes for China? A Political Economy Perspective,

Köln, im April 2005, ISBN: 3-934156-94-0

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Extended version of a paper presented at the international symposium and workshop “TV Programme Exchange between Germany and China”, Cologne, Germany, April 28th and 29th 2005. The author describes the chances of broadcasters to increase profits by internationally selling programmes; and he also describes the positive effects, programme exchanges have for the efficiency and competitiveness of national broadcasting industries and for the viewers and listeners that benefit from falling prices for broadcasting programmes. He also critically examines the negative effects of a globalisation and commercialisation of the national and international broadcasting orders. The paper ends with a comparison of the German and the Chinese broadcasting order and with speculations about the transformations that are probable for the Chinese broadcasting order and for the position, China will take in negotiations about the international broadcasting order.

Table of Contents:

1. TV Programmes as Economic Goods
2. TV Programmes as "Non-Marketable" Goods? Implications for National Broadcasting Orders
3. TV Programmes as "Non-Marketable" Goods? Implications for Supra-National Broadcasting Orders
4. TV Programmes as "Non-Marketable" Goods? The German Model of a Non-Governmental and Non-Commercial Provision
5. TV Programmes as "Non-Marketable" Goods? Some Final Remarks from an International Comparative Perspective
6. Summary