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Jochen Trefzger:

Mobile TV-Launch in Germany – Challenges and Implications,

Köln, im November 2005, ISBN 3-938933-07-0

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In this slightly modified version of a thesis that was accepted by the economic faculty of the University of Cologne in summer term 2005, the author examines the challenges and implications of mobile TV-launch in Germany. The paper is based on the assumption, that "... high penetration rates of mobile phone and TV usage and high average TV consumption alongside with the mobility of the society and established user behaviours make a converging of the TV and mobile worlds not only feasible but reasonable. Evidence from other countries such as South Korea already shows strong usage of mobile TV services." And he concludes: "Mobile TV which allows to watch TV anywhere and anytime has the potential to gain popularity in the next years similar to the success of the Sony Walkman personal stereos in the 1980s, which were promoted alike by the concept of 'enjoying music anywhere and anytime'."

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2. The Concept of Mobile TV - Two Basic Approaches
2.1. 'TV on the Mobile'
2.2. 'TV for the Mobile'

3. End-User Expectations and Demands for Mobile TV
3.1. Necessary Features and Functions for Mobile TV to be accepted by Consumers
3.2. Consumers' Interest in Mobile TV Services

4. Technological and Regulatory Prerequisites for Mobile Tv
4.1. The Different Bearer Technologies and Their Particular Advantages
4.2. Development Status and Spread of the Various Technologies
4.3. Content Coding (Videos Codecs), Data Rates and Quality of Video
4.4. Handsets
4.5. Licenses - Broadcasting Allowances

5. The Mobile TV Value Chain
5.1. The Different Mobile TV Value Chain Activities
5.2. Revenue Split between the Different Value Chain Members

6. Service and Pricing Models
6.1. Services
6.2. Pricing Models

7. Economic Implications of Mobile TV for the Value Chain Members with Focus on Mobile Operators and TV Broadcasters
7.1. Pesent and Future Market Potential for Mobile TV
7.2. Opportunities for Network Operators
7.3. Opportunities for TV Broadcasters
7.4. The Problem of High Data Traffic and the Resulting Low Revenue per Mbyte 
7.5. Does a First-Mover Advantage for Mobile Network Operators or TV Broadcasters Exist?
7.6. Mobile TV - a Disruptive Technology?

8. Conclusion and Outlook