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Aleksandar Todorov:

The Broadcasting System in Bulgaria at the End of the Analogue Age. An Economic Perspective,

Cologne, in January 2010, ISBN 978-3-938933-65-7

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In this slightly modified version of a thesis that was accepted by the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Cologne in winter term 2009/2010 the author analyses the Bulgarian broadcasting system. 

From the author's conclusion: "The future development of Bulgarian broadcasting is challenged by the forthcoming digitalisation of the frequency spectrum. Although the digitalisation process offers new opportunities for both public and commercial broadcasters, it is hurdled by the massive interventions of political and economic interests. As result state control over public media is about to increase and large commercial broadcasters seem to be the real beneficiaries of the process in its current design. These developments are expected to put small and civil media outlets at disadvantage, as their access to adequate financial sources and other key resources is further restricted. Considering the unfavourable status quo and future prospects of Bulgarian broadcasting, it is necessary to develop alternative approaches in organising the sector. (...)"

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
1.1. Purpose of the Work
1.2. Approach

2. Theoretical Framework for the Evaluation of Broadcasting Systems
2.1. Broadcasting as a Good
2.2. Institutions Providing Broadcasting Programmes
2.3. The Funding of Broadcasting: More than a Financial Issue
2.4. Revenue-based Classification of Broadcasting Systems

3. Context of the Bulgarian Broadcasting System
3.1. Political and Social Environment
3.2. Economic Environment
3.3. Legal Environment
3.4. Technological Environment

4. Organisation and Funding of the Bulgarian Broadcasting System
4.1. Structure of the Broadcasting Sector
4.2. Regulation and Licensing
4.3. Public Broadcasting
4.4. Commercial Broadcasting

5. Evaluation of the Bulgarian Broadcasting System
5.1. Status Quo of the Bulgarian Broadcasting System
5.2. The Impact of Digitalisation
5.3. Alternative Funding of Public Service Broadcasting

6. Conclusion