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Nothburga Veyer:

Benchmarking for Broadcasting Fee Collection Agencies. Possibilities and Problems,

Cologne, in October 2010, ISBN 978-3-938933-77-0

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This article is based on a presentation given during an international conference concerning "The Future of the Broadcasting License Fee in Times of Media Convergence" which was organized by the Institute for Broadcasting Economics and the Broadcasting Fee Association in Bonn, Germany, on May 6th, 2010. The author, leader of the Cluster "Legal, Facts and Finance" of the Broadcasting Fee Association comes to the conclusion: "Benchmarking is very important for all collection agencies to find improvements in the existing routines and to reduce costs. The named benchmarks are only the start of working closer together and learn from each other. We believe, that every one can understand, that numbers are not given in this overview, because the risks are too high, that misinterpretations will happen."

Table of Contents:

1. Broadcasting Fee Association
2. Benchmarking
3. Benchmarking Within the Collection Agencies
4. Benchmarking the Evasion/Evaders Rate
5. Benchmark of Licence Fee (Media Fee) or Similar
6. Benchmark of Licence Fee Holders
7. Benchmark of Costs
8. Benchmark of Processes
9. Postage
10. Exemptions
11. Information Technologies
12. Advertising
13. Summary