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Olexiy Khabyuk:

Introducing State-Distant Public Broadcasting in Ukraine,

Cologne, in November 2011, ISBN 978-3-938933-94-7

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Debates about public service broadcasting in Ukraine have been underway since the country’s independence was proclaimed in 1991. But although most parties consider the matter important, after twenty years of independence Ukraine still lacks a broadcaster that addresses social interests and problems in a state-distant manner. The publication at hand explores the background of this situation. The autor, research associate at the Institute for Broadcasting Economics, has also listed a chronology of key milestones (appendix 1) and a synopsis of the main concepts proposed to date (appendix 2). 

From the author's conclusions: "The majority of political elites still consider media as a central instrument for manipulating public opinion. (...) Fortunately, long-standing debates illustrate that the critical attitude of journalists and civil society organisations has increased through new media developments. The demands for public, state-independent broadcasting have been advanced and defended. As the comparison of legislative projects and concepts show, suggestions from civil society organisations have been incorporated over time. Discussions should be continued. They should be designed to involve as many civil society and political groups as well as state actors, especially the Ukrainian President, and convince them of the importance of state-distant public broadcasting. The aim of the talks should be the elaboration of a common denominator."

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Early Reform Efforts (The Presidency of Leonid Kutschma, 1995 – 2004)
3. Failed Discussions(The Presidency of Viktor Yushchenko, 2005 – 2010)
4. Recent Efforts Against the Background of Growing Public Pressure on the Media(The Presidency of (Viktor Yanukovych, 2010 to present)
5. Main Elements of State-Distant German Public Broadcasting
6. Recommendations from the German Point of View
7. Concluding Remarks

Appendix 1:
Key Milestones in Discussions on the Introduction of Public Broadcasting in Ukraine

Appendix 2:
Main Concepts of Public Broadcasting in Overview